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RE: KLBC: 'Iv & nuq

jatlh John Halliday:

> Is it possible for the words {'Iv} and {nuq} to be used in sentences
> that are not questions?  I'm trying to translate Abbot and Costello's
> 'Who's on first' sketch (yes I know, I'm being silly again), and the
> comedy value rapidly deteriorates if {'Iv} and {nuq} can only be used as
> questions.

"Who's on First?" in Klingon is indeed silly, and absolutely hilarious. I
listened to it on my way to work yesterday. <'Iv ghaH baHwI''e'> was
performed at qep'a' wejDIch (two and a half years ago) by Qanqor and Seqram,
and I had the good fortune to acquire a recording of it. The setting was
obviously changed from a baseball team to a new ship, and it works amazingly

To answer your question, no, <'Iv> and <nuq> cannot normally be used without
turning a sentence into a question. However, the humor of the sketch is
really that <'Iv>, <nuq>, <jISovbe'>, etc. are being used as nicknames, and
one of the players is too thick to figure that out.

Beginners' Grammarian

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