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Re: {nuqDaq DaDab}

: ja' peHruS:
: >I know the right way to answer {nuqDaq DaDab} and the right way is {Shannon
: >vIDab}.  I have no doubt about this at all.
: >
: >How do I KNOW?  KGT clearly states that {Dab} means "live at."  From
: >discussion regarding the necessity of the locative, we can conclude that
: >locative is not required for such a gloss of a Klingon verb.
: KGT thus implies that the proper form of the question might be {nuq DaDab}.
: With that question, the answer {Shannon vIDab} is almost certainly correct.
: charghwI' was saying that the best form of the answer to {nuqDaq DaDab} is
: a little bit harder to pin down.
: -- ghunchu'wI'

Which probably works fine if "Shannon" is the name of a settlement or
planet.  But what if "Shannon" is a person?  

	?*Shannon*Daq vIDab.
	I live at Shannon's place.  (i.e. "chez Shannon" in French)
	I'm staying/residing with Shannon.

	?Shannon juH vIDab.
	I live in Shannon's house.

	?Shannon Sa' toQDuj vIDab.
	I'm living on Gen. Shannon's Bird-of-Prey.

IOW: is "Shannon" a {nuq} or a {nuqDaq}?  

Hmm... can you say {'Iv vIDab?} "Whom are you living with? Who's your
roommate?"  Or would a Klingon understand it to mean "Within whom are you
living?" Which is something one Klingon-speaking Trill symbiont might ask
another. <g>

For that matter, can you use {-Daq} on a personal name at all?  Could
{wo'rIvDaq} be the name of a restaurant: the "Chez Worf"? <G>

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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