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Re: qama'

In a message dated 2/19/1999 1:43:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

 {'ar} is not combined with {-logh}. {'ar} is simply one question 
 word. {'arlogh} is another. The idea that {'ar} can take 
 suffixes is something you made up. There is no place in TKD that 
 says it can.  >>

Perhaps I am mistaken.  I really did think MO gave us a combination of {'ar}
and the number suffix {-logh}.  That was just too obvious.  I did not even
consider the possibility that this is a whole new word with no relationship to
those two syllables.  I guess that {nuqDaq} really is not a combination of
{nuq} and {-Daq}, to follow your logic.

So, if {'arDIch} comes to pass, it won't be because {'ar} is taking the number
{-DIch}, either.  It will be a whole new word without association to those
obvious parts when you enter it into your dictionary.


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