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Re: qama'

In a message dated 2/19/1999 1:43:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< I will confess that I repeatedly asked for {'arlogh}, but please 
 note that I did not say the form of the word had to be 
 {'arlogh}. I suggested that we needed a question word to mean 
 "How many?" and one easily recognized candidate would be 
 {'arlogh}, but if Okrand wanted to come up with a word 
 pronounced completely different that had that meaning, it was 
 fine with me. Also, if he had an idiom, or a different 
 grammatical construction to ask this question, that would be 
 fine with me as well. I just wanted some way to ask the 
 question. {'arlogh} was just one possibility. >>

Since you have shown that you repeatedly requested a word for filling a
"hole," I will request filling a hole which I feel logically needs a word.
Instead of convoluting sentences in Klingon to cover a concept in English, I
"request" this word.

It actually is not new for me to think that there should be a word for a
concept.  I tried to use {SopmeH jan} or anything similar before we got {raS}.
But, many times I requested to know what the real Klingon word is for "table."
I kept saying that Klingons must have a word for table.  They certainly could
not use many, many syllables to describe an everyday object.

In conclusion, I think requesting to know what the real Klingon way of
covering a word, idea, concept from English is great.  MO appears to listen to
our "wish lists."  He appears to take note of our discussions.  He eventually
lets us know what is right and where we have become sidetracked.  Thus, the
more we challenge ourselves with ideas regarding the possibilities in Klingon,
the more answers we eventually get.

peHruS, DuDwI'

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