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Re: Hoch

In a message dated 2/19/1999 2:03:30 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Meanwhile, I do believe that {naQ roj} is a valid sentence. "The 
 peace is complete." The verb is functioning toward a meaning 
 that {Hoch} could not perform.

I agree that {naQ roj} is a valid sentence.  I do not claim that {naQ} can
only be a verb (functioning as an adjective to use the English grammar
terminology) following a noun.  I really need to see {naQ} in canon sentences
to gain a deeper understanding of its nuances, then.

Meanwhile, I feel that {QIm naQ yIlo'} means "Use the entire egg, not just
part of it."  My difficulty was in the connotation brought forth in English
about a chemical substance being incomplete somehow.  Even the Klingon word
{HutlhHa'} seems preferable.


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