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Re: qama'

In a message dated 2/19/1999 1:43:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Speaking for myself, I am unsure what the correct 
 useage is. If you ask me {nuqDaq DaDab?} I am quite uncertain 
 which of the following answers is more correct:
 *Shannon*Daq vIDab.
 *Shannon* vIDab.
 *Shannon*Daq jIDab.
 Almost certainly one or more of these is correct, but I can't 
 tell you without great doubt which is most correct. I'm quite 
 mystified as to how you feel so much more confident that you 
 know the right way. >>

I know the right way to answer {nuqDaq DaDab} and the right way is {Shannon
vIDab}.  I have no doubt about this at all.

How do I KNOW?  KGT clearly states that {Dab} means "live at."  From related
discussion regarding the necessity of the locative, we can conclude that
locative is not required for such a gloss of a Klingon verb.


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