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Re: qama'

In a message dated 2/18/1999 9:45:38 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< >qama' vaghDIch DaHoHpu' 'e' qara'
 >DaH qama' vaghDIch vIlegh yIntaH ghaH
 >pa' qama' 'arDIch lom vIlegh DaH yIjang 'avwI'
 None of this makes sense to me.  The first line has an {'e'} sitting
 there with no verb obviously using it as its object and no nearby noun
 that could have lost it as a connected suffix.  The second line might
 work as two sentences.  The third line is just plain weird.  I have no
 idea what it's supposed to mean, even after interpreting that atrocious
 *'arDIch as something like asking for the number of the prisoner whose
 corpse you see. >>

Your reader is consistently losing spaces.  Do'Ha'.
And, the verb in the first line for which {'e'} is the object is {ra'} with
the pronominal prefix {qa-}.

Yes, the purpose of this message was to use the contrived {'arDIch}.


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