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Re: qama' wrote:
> In a message dated 2/18/1999 9:45:38 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
> << >qama' vaghDIch DaHoHpu' 'e' qara'
> [...]
> And, the verb in the first line for which {'e'} is the object is {ra'} with
> the pronominal prefix {qa-}.
> peHruS

And this just don't works for me because /qa/ is the suffix for *I-you* kind of stuff. The pronoun /'e'/ requires a suffix
indicating third person. For what you want to say I'd have chosen something like 

<qama' vaghDIch yIHoH> qaja'pu'. 

Or am I loosing the point? 

btw. Is /ra'/ a word of speaking? could I come up with something like

<qama' vaghDIch yIHoH> qara'pu'.

without beeing stared at?


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