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Re: Hello

In a message dated 2/18/1999 9:21:52 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
[email protected] writes:

 >navDaq jIghItlhpu' {tlhIngan maH 'IwlIj boghaq 'e' boSapbe'chugh vaj
 nuqjatlh?  Hoch mu'mey vIyaj, 'ach mu'tlhegh naQ vIyajchu'be'.
 I can't make out what {tlhIngan maH 'IwlIj}  >>

It appears your reader does not leave in the spaces I type in.  I deliberately
leave 5 spaces between sentences on the same line.


tlhIngan maH
'IwlIj boghaq 'e' boSapbe'chugh reponqang

are two distinct sentences.

So far, I DO think the verb {Sap} can take the object {'e'} well enough,
obviously referring back to the whole previous "sentence."


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