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Re: KLBC:convert

ja' HomDoq:
>ja' muHwI':
>> If I got it right, {wab} is "Geraeusch" but not "Laerm" - is that
>> correct? In english, the difference is not very clear to me.
>I would guess it means both. Basically "Laerm" is just an extended
>period of different "Geraeusche". I also have no idea how to
>easily differentiate the two meanings in English..

If I understand correctly, "Geraeush" is a single sound.  *A* sound.
"Laerm" is sound, noisiness, a din, etc.  The distinction between the
two ideas in English is easily made using the indefinite article "a",
but since Klingon lacks articles I don't know any way to tell if {wab}
can mean "audible vibrations" as well as "a sound".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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