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Re: naj

Voragh suggested:
> bInajtaHvIS yInlIj yIyInQo'

> bInajtaHvIS yIyInQo'
> bIyIntaHvIS yInaj
>That doesn't mean quite the same thing as "live your dream", does it?
Not at all.

Actually, I like most what I said myself:

>: or is this perhabs aquivalent to {yInajQo'. yIvang!}?

>Now this feels much more Klingon.
That's why I suggested it. It was not my product, though. I heard this
somewhere, but I have no clue where I heard/saw it...

> yInajQo' neH; yIvang!
> Don't merely dream; act (take action)!
>and finally, I'll rephrase this in less exact but more colloquial English:
> Don't just dream it; do it!
Don't forget: the yI- can also mean "you-it"!
{yInajQo'} "don't dream it" (okay, dream can't take an object)
{yIvang} "act it" (this don't make sense either, but you know whatta mean)


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