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RE: KLBC: jupwI' chong

>> mata'DI' maghoj.
>nuq wIta'?

That was a failed attempt to say, "We learn by doing."

Maybe more correct sentence would be:
vay' mata'DI' maghoj

>> jabbI'IDghomDaq ghItlhnIS ghaH qar'a'?
>ghoj ghaH neHchugh, vaj ghItlhnISbej. po'choHlu'meH, qeqnISlu'ba'.

Is {ba'} in {qeqnISlu'ba'} a typo or is there something I am missing?

>> juppu', jabbI'IDghomvamDaq yIghItlh 'ej 

>maj. Of course, since you are using a no object prefix, it should be the
>plural <pe->.

{yI} is an object prefix for you-plural.  Isn't that what I want?

>> jabbI'IDghomDaq ghItlh ghaH 'e' ghaH yItungHa'.
>This part doesn't work. I really don't know what you're going for with the
><'e'> bit, but here is a suggestion for how to fix it: <... labwI'pu'

I was going for, "Encourage him to write to the list."  I thought the
translation would turn out to be "Encourage him that he writes to the
list."  I don't follow your fix though.  "Encourage ones who transmit." ???

How about this sentence:
jabbI'IDghomDaq labmeH ghaH yItungHa'
"Encourage him (for the purpose of, so that) he transmits to the list."

>Beginners' Grammarian

pagh, bIDunbej.

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