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Re: VS1, VS4, VS5

> c) all three suffixes:
> <S>vaD qIp'eghmoHlu'.  One makes <S> hit itself.
> <O> qIp'eghmoHlu'.     One makes oneself hit <O>.
> qIp'eghmoHlu' <C>.     <C> makes one hit oneself.
> As vI- indicates a subject, that must be <C>, and also an
> object, that must be <O> (the IO shortcut doesn't work here),
> but I cannot figure out how to have both, I'd be left confused...
**OUCH** I forgot that vI- can of course also indicate indefinite
subject and first person singular object. Thus

vIqIp'eghmoHlu'. One makes oneself hit me.

or maybe, if the indirect object shortcut is allowed, it might
stand for

jIHvaD qIp'eghmoHlu'. One makes me hit myself.

which seems to make more sense under most circumstances.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq
                                           [email protected]

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