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RE: KLBC: Definitions

(A follow-up to my own message:)

: jatlh 'oghwI':
: > could I use SeHlaw for keyboard?
: I don't know for sure, but probably. I think I have before. Perhaps Voragh
: can fill us in on canon use of <SeHlaw>.

It first appeared as a Clipped command to a misbehaving pet:

	jol SeHlaw lItHa'! 
	Get off that transporter control panel! PK

Okrand recently gave us two more examples on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey Cutaway Poster (KBP):  

	Qum SeHlaw
	Communications Console

	QeD SeHlaw
	Science Console

Okrand, it seems, visualizes a {SeHlaw} as being a fairly large piece of equipment:  a control panel or console. 

I've seen others on this mailing list use *{De'wI' SeHlaw} for "computer keyboard" and just {SeHlaw} for a remote control.  Perhaps *{SeHlawHom} would be more appropriate for at least this last small, hand-held device inlight of KBP.  A keyboard falls somewhere in between.

: pagh
: Beginners' Grammarian

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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