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Re: gauntlets

QInvam Dun gher Qor'etlh:
>> The letters on the gauntlets say {}
jIlugh'eghnISmoHqa' (hope I got suffixes right):
The letters are

>ta' Hol DOES change, from Emperor to Emperor.
Yes, I've been thinking about that. Is that perhabs the reason why the
Klingon on DSN is nonsense? *jk*

>tIqlij tlhIngan Da'angnIS!

>or a turtle nachlij...

>Still, only the Okudas know what should be best here.
Who was anyway, who gabe the pIqaD-GIF on the KLI-page the meanings?

>Qapla' batlh 'ej.
Qapla' batlh je! (nouns, not sentence)

Quvar muHwI'

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