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Re: KLBC:convert

nuja' Voragh:
>I don't know whether a single example is enough to say {wab} *cannot* mean
"noise in general", only that in this one frozen idiom (used to inquire
about the time of day) it refers to a specific sound.  We don't even know
what kind of sound Klingons used to mark the passage of the hours - Okrand
was being intentionally vague.

naDev wab tu'lu' = wabmey law' Qoylu' = naDev chuS
(noise = many noises = noisy)
Is that correct?

>If pagh is right - and my German isn't too rusty - *Geräusch* sounds right.
But then, so does *Laut* according to my dictionary.

"Laut" means sound (wab)
"laut" means noisy (chuS)

Quvar muHwI'

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