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Re: KLBC: Complex sentences

In a message dated 2/14/1999 6:10:57 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< The qualification suffixes are useful for making a distinction between
 {bIQIplaw'} "I think you're stupid" and {bIQIpbej} "I'm sure you're stupid."
 However, if you just want to express your opinion of someone's stupidity,
 {bIQIp 'e' vIQub} is fine.
 The second suggestion is strangely weak and verbose at the same time.  I'd
 say {chavlaH 'e' Har} "(s)he believes that (s)he can achieve it."  Adding
 the "she says" part into it, I come up with {jatlh vIchavlaH 'e' vIHar}
 "(s)he says 'I believe that I can achieve it.'"

I do not wish to disagree with the sentences in the second paragraph above.  I
like these constructions very much myself.  Why, I've even used them a lot of

But, I first saw them from users of tlhIngan Hol on this listserv.  I have not
seen {'e' vIQub} in canon.  Perhaps our Ca'non Master can enlighten me.  Until
then, what if {Qub} is like {jatlh}?

This would produce:  {jIQub     bIQIp}


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