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Re: Hoch

In a message dated 2/14/1999 6:19:44 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

 I understand {nIn naQ} quite readily.  It's a complete fuel (like hydrazine
 or butane) as opposed to an incomplete fuel (like hydrogen peroxide).  It
 is perfectly usable as is without any extra substances required except an
 oxidizer.  {nIn naQbe'} needs another component in order to be useful, as
 in the catalytic decomposition of peroxide by an organic salt for its use
 as a monopropellant.   >>

I have a bit of a problem with speculating that {naQ} means "complete" quite
this way.  Show me some reason to think that it is that different from "all,
entire" referring to the amount of the entity.  Of course, this puts us back
to square one in differentiating it from {Hoch}, which was the original


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