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Re: KLBC: Complex sentences

:: "I think you are stupid."
: ja' peHruS:
: >I wish to add that I am surprised that we have yet to see anyone talk about
: >the verb suffix type 6 -law' used as "I think that; I suspect that."  (TKD p
: >40, 4.2.6).  bIQIplaw' for one sentence above, [snip]
: The qualification suffixes are useful for making a distinction between
: {bIQIplaw'} "I think you're stupid" and {bIQIpbej} "I'm sure you're stupid."
: However, if you just want to express your opinion of someone's stupidity,
: {bIQIp 'e' vIQub} is fine.
: -- ghunchu'wI'

Some examples with non-literal translations...

A simple statement of fact:

	You're stupid.

This is my carefully considered, unemotional evaluation of you after weighing all the evidence:

	bIQIp 'e' vIQub.
	I think that you are stupid. 

Versus using the more emotional Type 6 qualification suffixes...

My initial impression:

	What an idiot you are!

Okay, there's still room for doubt, I haven't quite made up my mind yet:

	I think you're stupid. 

	Are you stupid or what?  Can you really be that stupid!?

You're so stupid that I won't even bother to engage you in discusssion:

	You're an idiot.

The same, even stronger:

	You're a complete idiot.

Ah, Klingon is such an expressive language!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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