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Re: Happy belated birthday

In a message dated 2/15/99 10:03:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,
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<< In a message dated 2/12/1999 9:03:20 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
 [email protected] writes:
  : I can wish someone a happy birthday by saying <qoSlIj Quchjaj!>. 
  This should be {Quchjaj qoSlIj} "May your birthday be happy!"  {qoS} is the
 subject and must follow the verb {Quch}.  {qoS Quch} is the noun phrase "a
 happy birthday", with {Quch} used "adjectivally".
 Here I must respectfully disagree with our Canon Master, Voragh.
 This is a wish.  Therefore, it is equal to a toast.  Toasts' grammar have an
 overriding factor:  the syllable {-jaj} must be the final syllable of the
 sentence. (KGT p. 25)
Looking on page 26 of KGT, I find "In divergence from the majority of Klingon
dialects, the speakers of Sakrej and No'hvadut do not follow this pattern.  In
these dialects, there is no reforming of the sentences for toasts; the subject
always follows the verb."  This may apply here, but only if one wishes to
identify himself with certain regions of the Empire.
So, to a Sakrej or No'hvadut inhabitant, "jejtaHjaj tu'loD taj" sounds as good
as the ta' Hol tu'loD taj jejtaHjaj" for "May T'lod's knife continue to be


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