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Re: Happy belated birthday

> : I can wish someone a happy birthday by saying <qoSlIj Quchjaj!>. 
> This should be {Quchjaj qoSlIj} "May your birthday be happy!"  {qoS} is the
>subject and must follow the verb {Quch}.  {qoS Quch} is the noun phrase "a
>happy birthday", with {Quch} used "adjectivally".
>  >>
>Here I must respectfully disagree with our Canon Master, Voragh.
>This is a wish.  Therefore, it is equal to a toast.  Toasts' grammar have an
>overriding factor:  the syllable {-jaj} must be the final syllable of the
>sentence. (KGT p. 25)

Because it is a wish doesn't automaticly make it a toast.
Jack is a man.  But that doesn't mean that a man is Jack.
Read all of page 25
If it is given as a toast then yes, -jaj goes at the end.

Most likely this [-jaj] would be spoken as a toast, but that is not absolute.
Instead of "Therefore, it is equal to a toast.", say "If it is a toast..."


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