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Re: KLBC: bIQDep / bIQ Ha'DIbaH

In a message dated 2/12/1999 1:34:32 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
[email protected] writes:

 Don't read to much into it. The word may well be derived from <bIQ> + <Dep>,
 but it may be an earlier form of <Dep> which meant something different. It
 may also be completely unrelated to the word <Dep>, and just be a
 coincidence.  >>

I never questioned before that {bIQDep} is a combination of {bIQ} "water" and
{Dep} "being (nonhumanoid)" (TKD p 84).  If this is correct, MO will
eventually give us the terms for other nonhumanoid beings. Perhaps Maltz just
has not yet told us about {muDDep} and/or {chalDep} or {loghDep}.  What if
there are {wutlhDep}?


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