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KLBC : bang bom mu'

I haven't posted for a while but below is an <attempt> at a bang bom.  I would
presume it would be sung with prehaps a HurDagh, does anyone have any ideas
about this ?
Anyway here goes :

Huj be' vIpum bang
may' mupIlmoH
jIH meQ VIqul
paramaqqay SoH
SoH 'IH law' Hoch 'IH paS
SoH val law' Hoch val paS
SoH batlh law' Hoch balth paS
bang jIH
jibang HoS; 'Iw rur
bang jIH

I use the phrase <Huj be'> to describe 'a stranger'. I couldn't find it the KD
or the guide for the galatic traveller.  If anyone has any suggestions, then
please mail me.
I realise that the grammer is probably very dodgey, and would love some


Nic Rutherford


anyone who asked for a copy of the klingon FTP should be getting after my
exams (about mid-march)

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