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Re: gauntlets

The markings on the gauntlets in pictures that I have seen do not completely
match the characters we use in the font which is available from the KLI.

Contrary to what some people believe, the symbols on the show and the
symbols in the KLI font are different.  Some are the same.  Some are
similar.  Some are different.  Some are the same shape but rotated.

top mark  - KLI font  b
second from top  - a symbol which is not used in the KLI font. similar to  r.
third  - similar to KLI font  ch
bottom - similar to KLI font  D  (or upside-down y)

look really close to that second symbol in a clear picture.  It is not the
same as an r in the KLI font.
Also, look at the symbols in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, under "written
languages".  There are a few there that are not in the KLI font.
There is one that looks close to the  ng; also looks like a rotated  ch.
Thats the shape used on the gauntlet (turned sideways).

As we already know, these symbols don't mean anything.  And because they ARE
different from the symbols used the KLI font, how can we speculate, even for

Now, some of you are probably thinking of correcting me, that the font we
use is not the KLI's font and that really someone else.... I know.  I called
it the KLI font as a way of identifying the font that is available from the
KLI merchant page.  As some know, there are many fonts out there.


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