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Re: KLBC: chay' moHaqmey vIlIjHa'?

ja' loD Doq:
>moHaqmey vIghojmeH pat vISovnIS. QaQ pat yIper 'ej jIqeqnIS 'e' yIjatlhbe'.

SIbI' qaja' vIneH:  bIqeqnIS.  'ach jIruch 'e' Datuchmo', latlh vIchup.

Darn, the first answer I wanted to give you is "Practice!" :-)  The way
*I* remember the less-common verb prefixes is to have sample sentences I
can remember.  Some are taken from canon examples; others just struck me
strongly when I first encountered them.  Find your own like {pIpIH} "we
expect you" or {nIteb} "they fill you".  That last one comes from a
conversation I had about large, chewy dumplings, when I said {nIteb nIteb}
"they fill you all by themselves."  If you want to remember that {cho-}
means "you-me", try to form a word like {chocho'} "you succeed me" and
imagine a tired guy bearing a long white beard talking to a diaper-wearing
baby taking his place on the throne.  Like any mnemonic, the farther out
you make the image, the easier it is to remember.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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