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Re: It is by caffeine alone (revised)

ja' "Rose, Thornton (Atlanta)" <>:
>The hands acquire shaking.
>Qom ghopDu'.
>The hands tremor.

Perhaps {QomchoH ghopDu'} "the hands begin to tremor" would capture
the "acquire shaking" meaning a little more closely.

>The shaking becomes a warning.
>ghuH moj Qombogh ghopDu'.
>The hands which tremor become an alert.

The hands are plural and the alert is singular.  You must say {lumoj}.

I'm uneasy about this use of {Qom}.  Does "experience a tremor" refer
to someone standing in the middle of an earthquake, or does it refer
to the quaking ground itself?  I'll just point out the ambiguity in
the definition without condemning or commending either meaning.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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