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Re: bIajtaHvIS...

: What was the context of {bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj}?
: I suddenly remebered this phrase but didn't know the meaning.
: muHwI'

IIRC, it comes from the "Power Klingon" discussion of Empire Union Day, which presumably commemorates the formation of the Empire when Kahless united the various Klingon factions.  These seem to be seasonally appropriate toasts:

May the Klingon Empire continue forever!
	reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj

May the spirit of Kahless live within you!
	SoHDaq qeylIS qa' yInjaj

May you encounter Kahless in your dreams!
	bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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