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Re: KLBC: Definitions

pagh is the BG and will address the particular of this. He also 
likely will say almost exactly what I'm about to say, but I HAVE 
to say it.

We welcome you here and encourage your working with this 
language. Meanwhile, your current approach is ill chosen.

It looks like you are starting out trying to expand on the more 
than 2300 words already available to us. All the words you are 
trying to create are nouns. It's like you are trying to 
establish new words before you learn how to use the old ones.

I suggest you take another approach. Don't think of the language 
as a word-for-word code with the word order shifted around to 
make it more cryptic. It is a language.

Don't work on creating new words. Work on creating new 
sentences. Simple ones are fine. Use the vocabulary we already 
have. Do not doubt that a great many things can be expressed 
with our current words. We prove it here every day.

Focus on verbs. In Klingon, nouns are only there to help 
describe what it is that is doing the action of the verb or 
receiving the action of the verb. They are definitely secondary 
to verbs in importance. Similarly, chuvmey are secondary in 
importance to nouns. All serve simply to add more detail of 
meaning to the verbs.

So, please do try again, but please start out with simple 
sentences, not lists of nouns built out of words. Pagh can help 
you where you've obviously missed in your mission (like do you 
really think of a fridge as something that is cold or as 
something that makes OTHER things cold?).

Don't give up. Just back up a couple steps and proceed in a 
better direction.

charghwI' 'utlh

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:31:11 -0800 (PST) Ian Wilkinson 
<> wrote:

> bIrwI'       Fridge?
> bIrwI''a'    Frezzer?  (or should that be bIr'a'wI'?)
> taDmoHwI'    Frezzer?
> wewwI'       Lighting device (ie torch [flashlight])?
> wovwI'       Lighting Device (ie main room light)?
> tujwI'       Device that heats (heater)?
> mISwI'       Food processor (mixer)?
> vemmoHwI'    Waking up device
> bI'wI'       Sweeping Brush
> could I use SeHlaw for keyboard?
> could I use HablI' for telephone / Modem.
> Does poch mean plant as in to plant <something>.  
> What word would I use for a plant?
> 'oghwI'
> 99118.11
> (yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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