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KLBC: Definitions

bIrwI'       Fridge?
bIrwI''a'    Frezzer?  (or should that be bIr'a'wI'?)
taDmoHwI'    Frezzer?
wewwI'       Lighting device (ie torch [flashlight])?
wovwI'       Lighting Device (ie main room light)?
tujwI'       Device that heats (heater)?
mISwI'       Food processor (mixer)?
vemmoHwI'    Waking up device
bI'wI'       Sweeping Brush

could I use SeHlaw for keyboard?
could I use HablI' for telephone / Modem.
Does poch mean plant as in to plant <something>.  
What word would I use for a plant?


(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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