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KLBC:tlhIngan Hol vIQagh - was Re: KLBC: HolqoqwIj

ja' pagh

>jatlh 'oghwI':
>> ja' pagh
>> >jatlh 'oghwI':
>> >
>> >> ngeb tlhIngan Hol lab *British TV*.
>> >> vIqon.
>> >> boHevlaH.
>> tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID *British TV*.
>HIvqa' veqlargh. "Ankle" is of course <ngIb>.
>This is much better. <tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID> - transmission of fake
>Klingon. It's a bit complex for a noun-noun construction, but it works.
>Let's break it down in the order we hear it: <tlhIngan> - OK, a Klingon.
><tlhIngan Hol> - Ah, the Klingon language. <tlhIngan Hol ngeb> - Fake
>Klingon (Do'Ha'). <tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID> - A data transmission of
>Klingon. Throw in a <lab *British TV*> and you have what you wanted.

tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID lab *British TV*.

so would this be correct then?

could I then say

vIqonmeH  boHevlaH.

>Beginners' Grammarian


HovpoH 99117.64
(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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