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RE: KLBC:tlhIngan Hol vIQagh - was Re: KLBC: HolqoqwIj

jatlh 'oghwI':

> tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID lab *British TV*.
> so would this be correct then?


> could I then say
> vIqonmeH  boHevlaH.

Well, not quite. You've said "In order that I record it, you can receive
it." A <-meH> clause is called a "purpose clause" - the main sentence is
done for the puprose of the verb with <-meH>. This is basically the opposite
of your sentence.

What you really want to say is one of the following:

boHevlaHmeH vIqonta' - I have recorded it so that you can receive it.
vIqonta'mo' boHevlaH - Because I have recorded it, you can receive it.

Beginners' Grammarian

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