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RE: qep'a' pa' qoch vInej

At 05:12 PM 2/16/99 -0800, pagh wrote:
>jatlh peHruS:
><< Don't we have the phrase /cha'vatlh ben HIq/ from canon somewher >>
>> I believe we do have such a phrase.  All numbers over ten (-maH) 
>> have spaces in them.  Perhaps there is no consistency.
>This would be a good time to point out that the writing system we use is NOT
>pIqaD. It is a way for non-Klingon linguists to record spoken Klingon. Since
>we have no idea what "real" pIqaD is, we don't how it marks word boundaries,
>if it does at all. As such, this debate is rather pointless - <cha'ben> and
><cha' ben> *sound* exactly the same.

nuqjatlh?  You seem to be responding to a different thread.  I wasn't saying
anything about pIqaD.  I simply commented that I thought we had written 
(romanized, if you insist) canon for the phrase /cha' ben/.  

FWIW, /cha'ben/ and /cha' ben/ don't sound identical to me.  I hear only one
accented syllable in /cha'ben/, and I hear two accents in /cha' ben/.

-- ter'eS

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