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Re: Monster verb construction - does this work?

> >    bIHup'eghnISbe'qa'moHlaHbejtaHneS'a'
> >
> > d'Armond's pojwI' didn't blink at this and yielded:
> How did you get pojwI' to show you the whole thing? Can you wrap long lines?
> When I tried the sentence it cut off in the middle of "on-going".

Hmmm... I used a Unix version - you could try the open source version I
put up recently, though I think you'd need to teach it the word "Hup" for

> >  you (yes/no)? honorific on-going certainly can cause todo again
> >         not need to oneself punish

(note: I did edit the output above to be more readable, adding spaces and

   joel anderson * *
 **mIghghachvo' yImej 'ej yIQaQ; roj yInej 'ej Dochvam yItlha'**
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