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Re: another new-to-the-list person's question

ja' "Nikolai Kingsley" <>:
>[does anyone use the KLI's pIqaD-to-sounds mapping?]

HIja', pIqaDqoqvetlh vIlo' jIH.  *I* use it.  You might have noticed 
my comment a few days ago about seeing the word {yIHujchoH} in pIqaD 
on television, at the desk of a Wired Magazine spokesperson.  It was 
not in clear focus, but it was obviously pIqaD and I kept staring at 
it until I recognized the letters.  There are a lot of t-shirts with
the pIqaD symbols for {tlhIngan Hubbeq} out there somewhere, as well 
as some more limited quantities of others bearing pIqaD text.  Every 
issue of HolQeD has the title in pIqaD, and Hamlet too has the title 
rendered in pIqaD on an inside page.  Quite a lot of people have web
pages with pIqaD text as well.

There's even a bib with the caption {bolwI' jIH :: maghwI' jIHbe'} on 
the front (it is misspelled, but that's not important right now).  Or 
maybe it's been turned into an apron by now; I'm not sure.

>"I am the dedicated slave of (so-and-so)".
>(so-and-so) toy'wI''a' matlh jIH

While this is a very reasonable translation, I'd have done it a little
differently.  I'd avoid the "I am" idea altogether and instead make it
"I serve".

   (so-and-so) vItoy'chu'

   "I completely serve (so-and-so)."

Maybe this is a little over the top, but I might even consider:

   (so-and-so) vItoy'chu'qu'

   "I utterly completely serve (so-and-so)."

There are a variety of alternatives you could try:

{batlh X vItoy'} "I serve X with honor"
{X neH vItoy'} "I serve only X"
{X vItoy'; jImatlh} "I serve X; I am loyal" or "I serve X faithfully"

Mix and match as you wish; maybe throw in a {-chu'} for good measure.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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