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Re: another new-to-the-list person's question

nikolai wrote:
:                 i ask because i've been considering getting a runic kind of
: tattoo, and it strikes me that a thlingan phrase would look just right. and
: i'd hate to get it done and then find out that it didn't actually make any
: sense.
: 	[snip]
: the phrase i've selected is, however, something no Klingon would ever say, or
: even think:
: 		"I am the dedicated slave of (so-and-so)".
: after some suggestions from the alt.startrek.klingon newsgroup, i believe this
: rather unlikely phrase would be:
: 		(so-and-so) toy'wI''a' matlh jIH
: does this sound right?

As long as you're happy with the implications - this is the infamous klingonaase insult *tokhe straav'* (willing slave) after all - it sounds fine to me.  You could also say:

	(so-and-so) toy'wI''a'na' jIH

{-na'} "definite, definitely, true, no doubt, real" is a useful noun suffix.  Canonical examples include:

	a true leader  PK

	qorDu' lurDechmeyna' 
	strong family traditions  S13 

	effective range  S14

	toQDujna' rurchu' 
	It [the BoP ornament] looks so REAL! (Hallmark commercial)

	tIqDaq HoSna' tu'lu' 
	Real power is in the heart. TKW

Personally, I would tone it down to {toy'wI'na'} which sounds, phonetically at least, better to my ears.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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