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another new-to-the-list person's question

actually, a couple of questions. i read (i think, on the KLI webpage) that the
arrangement of pIqaD symbols (which appears at
/kli/pIqaD.html ) with the various phonemes was made more or
less at random, and that Mr Okrand and Mr Okuda don't use it. does everyone
else use it? i ask because i've been considering getting a runic kind of
tattoo, and it strikes me that a thlingan phrase would look just right. and
i'd hate to get it done and then find out that it didn't actually make any

and if anyone else does use this arrangement, is there any schema for where
the characters are arranged vertically, ie descenders?

the phrase i've selected is, however, something no Klingon would ever say, or
even think:

"I am the dedicated slave of (so-and-so)".

after some suggestions from the alt.startrek.klingon newsgroup, i believe this
rather unlikely phrase would be:

(so-and-so) toy'wI''a' matlh jIH

does this sound right?

"Fascists dress in black and go around telling people what
to do... whereas priests... er..." - Father Ted

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