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Re: KLBC: HolqoqwIj

ja' pagh
>jatlh 'oghwI':
>> I posted this with an URL to my web site. Could you tell
>> me if the tlhIngan Hol is correct or not. (my subject was
>> trying to say my so called language, I could not think of
>> a may to combine use, to make my so-called use of language)
>It doesn't really work. I'd expect this subject line on a constructed
>language list from someone who has come up with a whole new language, but
>does not think much of it. Try <tlhIngan Hol laHqoqwIj>.
>> ngeb tlhIngan Hol lab *British TV*.
>> vIqon.
>> boHevlaH.
>What is <ngeb> doing here? <ngeb> means "wrist" (or is it "ankle"? - one of
>the two), which makes no sense. It's also slang for "weak", which might
>sense in context here, but if so, it goes after the noun. If you actually
>meant <ngeD>, it would also go after the noun.

Er. no.  In The Klingon Dictionary:  ngeb (v)  (be counterfeit, false, fake)
So the first line is, fake Klingon transmited on British TV
I probably should have used jabbI'ID, but I'm not sure how I would put it
Well putting the verb after the noun:

tlhIngan Hol ngeb jabbI'ID *British TV*.

>I'm also not sure what you're trying to say here. British TV showed
>*something* related to the Klingon language, but what? Since I don't know
>what they actually showed, I don't really know what to suggest.
>> I have just writen this:
>> vIghojmeH jIneHqa'
>> In order to understand I will do it again.
>The first bit is "In order to learn *it*". If you're learning something
>specific, and it's clear from context what that is, this is fine.
>either add an object (e.g. Qu'wIj vIghojmeH) or just go with the no object
>prefix. Also, "understand" is <yaj> and <ghoj> is "learn". Two related
>concepts, certainly, but not quite the same.
>I really can't figure out the <neH> in the second bit. <neH> is a verb
>meaning "want". "I will do it again" could be <jIruchqa'> or <vIta'qa'>,
>depending on what exactly you're going for.

Sorry, I was trying for "In order to learn it, I want to do it again"  my
mind was else where when I typed it in English.

>Beginners' Grammarian


HovpoH 99111.67
(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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