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Re: KLBC: {HoSDo'} inherently plural?

William H. Martin wrote:

> I don't know about you, but I've found energy beings often quite
> difficult to count. They tend to cluster, you know. The lines
> are blurred. I never know how many of them I'm talking to and
> they never tell. So far as I know, I've never seen just one of
> them. They are not discrete.

bISaghchugh vISovbe'.  jIQub (DaH HoSDo'vaD jatlhtaH charghwI').  pIj bIqIDlI' 'e' vIQub
'ach bISagh 'e' vItu'.  chaq HoSDo' Datogh 'e' DanID.  bIDajchu'!

> Yep. Don't ever tell an energy being any of your secrets.

HoSDo' vIleghchugh, chaHvaD jIjatlhmeH yoSDaq jIratlhbe'.

> charghwI' 'utlh


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