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New Words Soon


I just uploaded a slightly updated New Words list to the KLI 
site. Now, once the administrator finds my message requesting 
the update and gets around to it, you'll see the few new words 
we acquired recently, plus a minor update or two. You can tell 
when it is in place because it will tell you that the newest 
update is Feb, 1999 instead of December, 1998.

I also bowed to repeated requests and noted at the top which 
words are new so those who maintain their own word lists can 
skip all the parts they already have. I'll try to keep doing 
this in the future, though only for the most recent update. 
Since I don't update the list all that often, that should not be 
much of an issue.

charghwI' 'utlh, mu'tlhegh

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