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Re: Complex Sentences

>Let's see your attempt first.  Then we'll know what part of it is giving
>you the trouble and we can concentrate on showing you how to do it.  It
>will probably be very helpful for you to explain your thinking while you
>try to express this complicated idea.

	Fair enough. First I thought that I'd switch the sentence around to get
"The work stops, and all of the men go home when the rain falls." Then I
broke it down into "The work stops and all of the men go home." and "When
the rain falls". "The rain falls" is <pumtaH SIS>, I'm not sure whether or
not to put <-taH> on it or not, but I did anyway. Next, I tacked <ghorgh>
on the front to make it "when the rain falls." I think that by doing that
however, that I have made it "When *does* the rain fall?" Did I put
<ghorgh> in the right place? Should I use <ghorgh> at all?
	"The work stops" is <mevchoH vumghach> I think, I don't know how to use
<ghach>. "All of the men go home" is <juH lujaH loDpu' Hoch>. That sounds
silly to me, it sounds like "The all of the men go home." and <lujaH>
doesn't seem right to me. But, if I put them all together I get:

	mevchoH vumghach 'ej juH lujaH loDpu' Hoch 'e' ghorgh pumtaH SIS

	It seems like a big mess to me. I think I did the <'e'> part wrong, if I'm
going to do that, I would need a <qaS> in there somewhere. I don't know:
it's just non-sensical boobery!


--- loD Doq 

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