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Re: Klingon Pleasantries

>>> In some poetry, {-mey} is also used on nouns normally pluralized
>>> by {-Du'}, but in general speech, this is considered a blunder.
>>> In those rare poems, it acquires the meaning "scattered all
>>> about", but this is one of those things you just don't do while
>>> speaking Klingon. It is a very cryptic form of poetry.
>>I think that random thoughts is a very abstract and poetic thought that
>>could be read as scattered all about.
>You have missed the point.  The point is that {qech} isn't one of the
>verbs that normally take a {-pu'} or {-Du'} plural, so there won't be
>any connotation of "scattered" when {-mey} is used.  There isn't some
>"abstract and poetic" grammatical marker you can use in order to have
>the "scattered" idea expressed.  This point was made in the next part
>of the note you responded to:
>>> Note that there is no way to pluralize a common noun normally
>>> pluralized with {-mey} such that it takes on the "scattered all
>>> about" meaning. For that, you'd have to reconsider what you are
>>> trying to say and use some other mechanism to do it.
>Do you understand?


--- loD Doq

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