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Re: Praxis (was Re: Dreaming in Klingon)

I sent this yesterday but apparently it never found its way...


>TPO wrote:
>> >I think it's
>> >one of those things we won't know for sure until MO says something.
>> He has.  May 98, Praxis Con.
>Speaking of Praxis, does anyone have the URL for that?  The one I have
>doesn't work anymore and I can't find one that does.  And if any of you are
>going and would like to get together for a qep that would be good because
>it looks pretty certain that I won't be making it to Vegas. :(

I've been looking as well, unsuccessfully.
I was planning on a qepHom but then the site disappeared.

Related topic, Dover Peace Conference, I will be attempting a qepHom.
I will also be taking Klingon Scrabble, so you can work on your vocabulary

>And what does TPO mean?  I've always wondered.  :)

In my younger days, my military buddies gave me that name;
The Psychotic One   
...hmm, I was a klingon back then and didn't even know it.
[ not pejegh!! ]



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