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Re: My my?- was (Almost) Klingon on British TV

>ja'  ghunchu'wI'
>>muchHomvam HevmeH vaghmaH tup SIQta' De'wI'wIj.  vIpaybe'.
>If I have this correct you said..
>(I) had to endure receiving this small pressentation for 50 minutes
>.something.. .  I don't regret it.

Close.  It wasn't me who endured it, it was my computer -- my {De'wI'}.

"My computer has accomplished enduring fifty minutes in order to recieve
this minor presentation.  I do not regret it."

>I do not understand <De'wI'wIj>.

{De'wI'} "computer"
{-wIj} "my (incapable of speaking)"

-- ghunchu'wI'

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