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Re: Dreaming in Klingon

ja' Lawrence:
>How would you refer to a person -- say for example, your captain -- if that
>person was dead? Would you use -wI' or -wIj?
>If you take the position that the captain was capable of speech while
>alive, and that such an attribute should be considered permanent once
>applied, then you'd go with -wI'.

I agree with this position completely.  I'd also like to point out that
Klingon has a lack of focus on tense, so the idea of "capable of speech"
*should* be a permanent attribute.  Note that babies are supposed to get
the speaking possessives because of their potential to speak; dead people
would likely be treated the same.

>But if you go with the comment established in TNG that a lifeless body is
>just a shell and possesses nothing of the original owner, then I imagine
>you'd use -wIj, with no insult implied to your captain, because here's not
>there any more, that's just his body.

But you're not talking about the captain anymore.  You're talking about
his corpse.  Body parts deserve the non-speaking possessive even when the
person they belong to is alive.

I don't make the distinction between living and dead.  I make it between
the person and the body.  If you say {HoD}, it's got to be {HoDwI'}.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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