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Re: Dreaming in Klingon

K'ryntes ( wrote:
> I would only use -wIj if I was talking about *HoDwIj porgh*
> (specifically referring to his shell).

This is pretty much how I feel as well. It allows for the following
scene: Two klingons are searching for their captain, who failed to
return from a routine survey mission. They come upon a corpse in Klingon
uniform, but the individual is not immediately identifiable (why? I
don't know, let's say he's been decapitated with a betleH and his killer
took the head as a trophy). Anyway, you get: 

tlhIngan wa'DIch: HoDma' wISam'a'?

tlhIngan cha'DIch: ghobe'. HoDmaj wISam neH.

Which, I happen to think is particularly nifty.


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