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Re: Dreaming in Klingon

ghItlh Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen:

>How would you refer to a person -- say for example, your captain -- if that
>person was dead? Would you use -wI' or -wIj?

    I don't see any problem using wI', because while he was
alive he could use the language. When you rebember him, he was able 
to use the language. You'll ever refer him in past: 
"My captain said this/that", etc, like all of your dead ancestors:

"The grandfather of my grandfather had a beautiful house" 
{juH 'IH ghaj vavnI'wI' vavnI'}


naDev HoDwI' mollu'
{My captain was buried here)


Eduardo Fonseca || Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Madrigal Sęculorum -
Pau Brasil -
Hovmey DIvan

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