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Re: Reply to KIRNEH: Re: leng Hovmey joj: jav

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Patrick Masterson wrote:

> (QIn 'ay'vam vIpoDmoH)
> >I seem to remember PK saying that Klingons from different areas have
> >different dialects, much like Humanganpu' from the South sounding much
> >different from those in, say, New York.  The guard is far away from the
> >Imperial center of influence, so he must be using a Morskan dialect.
> >
> >Opinions?
> >
> >	--da laffin tlhIngan :>
> >
> >
> Isn't "Humans" supposed to be "Humanpu'"?

No-- in the novels and in at least one film (ST5), the -ngan suffix is
used to denote racial origin (Vixis uses the term romuluSngan when
describing the Romulan delegate on Nimbus 3). Therefore, since the films
are canon, so is -ngan.
I suspect "Human" is used for non-organic objects-- Human Empire, etc
(recently replaced with tera'ngan).

	--da laffin tlhIngan :>

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