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Re: KLBC: Battle Scenario

I'm pretty new, but I have some input anyway (for what it's worth):

> SeHHa'taH  ~out of control~ supposedly.... this was a hard one....
> anyone else tried this? 

I would have said <SeH'eghlaHbe'>, or "it cannot control itself". But, that
isn't a very good translation because the ship couldn't control itself in
the first place. <DISeHlaHbe'> seems too weak to me. Actually <SeHlaHbe'>
might work, if I clipped it right.
> SeHHa'qu'choHlaHpa'  ~turns/becomes critical~ please give me a hand
> with these.... I was fighting to get these translations.... I used
pIvghor as
> warp core because I couldn't find a separate word for warp at least to
> even attempt a better translation. 

I think that <QobchoH> would be sufficient for "becomes critical" but it is
loose. <woj choHwI'>, or "reactor" would be my choice for "warp core",
although "warp drive" is fine.   

> I hope tonSaw' paw' was ok for ~ramming speed~ couldn't find a
translation for
> speed..... I seem to remember somewhere that  a sentence like Dujchaj
> yIghoS could be used for clipped ~set a course for their ship~ but now
> that I look at it I don't think it works... as far as maHoHchuqqang ~we
> willing to kill one another~ I was hoping that would be a fair summation
> of, we take them with us! 

I would have used <nom tIpaw'> or <nom tIqIp> instead of "ramming speed"
but it isn't the same. It eliminates the need for "set course for their
ship". I think that <Dujchaj yIghoS> works perfectly, it is one of the only
things in the dialogue that is an exact translation and the clipped klingon
is perfect. 

> Well I know this is alot and I know I'm new so I really should be trying
> easier stuff, but I'm hoping someone has the time to go over it so I can
> learn where I'm going wrong with this. Well thanks guys!

qay'Ha' 'oH 

--- loD Doq

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