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Re: Online Klingon Language Course

jatlh michka:
>The more important issue being that a Klingon may not agree that *their*
>words carry the same connotation? You seem to be assuming a perfect 1-1
>mapping for both words and that the connotations of English carry over into
>tlhIngan-Hol. This seems like a possibly incorrect assumption.
>(Even in Terran languages this would be a bad assumption, which makes the
>possibility even greater).

But we don't know what the connotations of the tlhIngan Hol words are. The 
only knowledge we have of the word is the short translation that Okrand gives 
us in the dictionary entry (as well as the canonical usage). I am arguing 
based on that translation. If someone cites specific examples of canon that 
go against my inclination, I might be persuaded to join you and De'vID and 

- DujHoD

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