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Re: KLBC: calculate in Klingon

ghel Voragh:
>how would you say
>  324.56 x 9,288.3 = 3,014,610.648

jang DloraH:
>HutSaD cha'vatlh chorghmaH chorgh vI' wejlogh  wejvatlh cha'maH loS vI'
>vaghmaH jav tIchel.

>I would just put the numerals instead of writing out
>the numbers:  9288.3logh 324.56 tIchel.

jang Voragh:
>If Maltz lets us use {-logh} with non-whole numbers when multiplying.
>(Maltz probably will, since he's a science officer.)  And I certainly agree
>that writing numerals is easier than words.  But then, that was my
>question:  How would you *say* "324.56 x 9,288.3 = 3,014,610.648"?  Don't
>forget to state the result.

HutSaD cha'vatlh chorghmaH chorgh vI' wejlogh wejvatlh cha'maH loS vI' vagh 
jav chellu'DI', wej'uy' wa'netlh loSSaD javvatlh wa'maH vI' jav loS chorgh 

(Note: If this seems painfully long, note how long the English version is: 
Three hundred twenty-four point five six times nine thousand two hundred 
eighty-eight point three equals three million fourteen thousand six hundred 
ten point six four eight.)

Besides, how often does one have to say something like this aloud? Normally, 
one would just write it. And Klingons probably have mathematical symbols just 
like we do, so one could write:

324.56 x 9288.3 = 3014610.648

Much better!

- DujHoD

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